• How to use LED downlight to attract customers' consumption

    2019-11-21 43

      How to use LED downlight to attract customers' consumption in store lighting? It belongs to consumption lighting. In such a space, in addition to the illumination reaching the standard, it also needs to rely on LED downlight and other LED lighting lamps to create a sense of lighting hierarchy and show high quality. Led downlight as the main lighting, LED spotlight as the auxiliary lighting, LED light belt as the decorative lighting, the comfortable and atmospheric lighting design and scientific and reasonable light distribution are combined to effectively meet the light environment requirements of various commercial lighting spaces.

      Shop Lighting: the shop uses LED downlight as basic lighting

      The basic lighting of the shop is to evenly distribute lights at the top of the shop to evenly illuminate and display goods. In this kind of top-down, average illumination light, the three-dimensional sense, texture and color of goods, generally give people a good visual feeling, and can clearly see the displayed goods.

      Store lighting atmosphere light: lighting to set off atmosphere

      Chen Lieshi should give people a certain atmosphere feeling which is beneficial to show the effect. This feeling can be reflected by the method of atmosphere lighting. The design of atmosphere light needs special lighting combination or special LED lamp color light source, such as: LED downlight basic lighting + LED spotlight key lighting + LED lamp with decoration lighting. We can also learn from some techniques of stage art and stage lighting to achieve the design effect and purpose.

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