• How to choose led downlight

    2019-11-21 39

      How to choose downlight:

      1. Power factor (PF). General power factor 0. 5, the quality of the product is OK. Of course, the higher the power factor, the higher the product price will be. The coefficient can be detected by general power equipment.

      2. Color rendering index (CRI).

      The more the color rendering index is above 80, the more realistic the effect of light is, of course, the higher the price recognition is.

      3. Product texture. Including the thickness of the product shell and whether the shell surface is handled smoothly... The more the product shell is, the better the treatment of the shell surface, the worse the quality will be. The aluminum shell is lighter. If it is plastic, everyone cares.

      4. Radiator.

      We usually use aluminum radiator and alloy steel aluminum radiator. If it's plastic radiator, it's very difficult for the fan to work. It's almost rejected.

      5. Drive. Some LED manufacturers have added drive housings for fake housings, which look like they use the same corner of the real screws. In fact, this housing needs to be screwed on, not the same screws. Next time, the parents who buy the product, see clearly and don't be fooled.

      6. Line. The better connection between LED and driver wire is usually the electronic wire with male and female plug, which is safer.

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