• Characteristics of LED line lamp

    2019-11-21 50

      LED line lamp is a kind of soft LED decorative lamp, and also a kind of LED wall washing lamp. It can be installed by itself or several components, and has unique features of being used, easy to bend and low power consumption.

      LED line lamp is a very simple product. In the market, its appearance, function and structure are basically the same. General LED line lamp can be assembled with chip LED or with direct led.

      The shell of LED line lamp is made of aluminum alloy profile, which is not only simple and clear in structure, but also beautiful in appearance, stable and corrosion resistant. Together, the surface of its lighting fixture has also been treated by electrostatic powder spraying, which can face a variety of extreme weather conditions.

      The LED line lamp is supposed to be located in the place with heavy floating ash. It is very simple for the dust to hide its heat pipe radiator and affect the normal heat dissipation of the lamp. If it is located in the place with kitchen oil smoke and water vapor, it is easy to affect its normal work. Therefore, at the time of installation, we should try our best to prevent it in those places. Assuming that it can not be avoided, it is necessary to do well all the preventive measures in advance.

      LED line lights can be used in various buildings, indoor and outdoor local or general lighting. Generally, the outdoor line lamp is suitable for the lighting of various bridges, buildings, outdoor advertisements and other facades; the indoor line lamp is suitable for the lighting of indoor dark slots, wardrobes, cabinets, etc.

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