• How to choose line lamp?

    2019-11-21 46

      How to choose line lamp?

      Let's first understand the three categories of strip lamp: 1. Surface mounted, 2. Embedded, 3. Laminate lamp

      Surface mounting type: fix the lamp on the plate surface through the device accessories.

      Embedded: slot the lamp through the scale of the lamp, and then clip the lamp into the slot.

      Laminate lamp: LED line lamp with 8 cm or 25 cm board

      If the cabinet has been formed and there is no way to slot, the open mounting type shall be used.

      When the cabinet is planned or can be slotted in the later stage, the embedded system is used.

      After the cabinet is assembled, the laminate lamp can be installed only when the laminate is removed.

      There are many scenes in which line lights are used at home, such as cabinet, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, bookcase, wine cabinet and so on.

      According to the scale inside the cabinet, match the light effect. So it is necessary to customize the length of LED line lamp.

      Due to the length limitation of the standard LED line lamp, both ends of the device will be left blank, and the dark area will appear when the lamp is on. This will greatly reduce the overall light effect.

      In addition to light effect, LED line light can also play a role in strengthening and decoration of the cabinet. LED line lamp base is made of aluminum alloy, which is super light, corrosion-resistant and solid at the same time.

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