• General knowledge of LED line lamp installation

    2019-11-21 53

      Many people don't understand the LED line lamp device very well, and they are struggling to find some device methods. In order to deal with this part of people's confusion, this paper will introduce some basic common sense of LED line lamp device in detail.

      I. preparation tools before installation:

      1. LED line lamp: light source;

      2. DC12V driving power supply: convert AC220V mains power into safe DC Voltage DC12V;

      3. Multi strand copper core flexible wire 0.75mm ^ 2: connecting bending light strip;

      4. Glass glue: fixed line lamp.

      II. DC power wiring device:

      1. L is connected to the "live wire" (i.e. the wire with electricity is detected with a pen) after passing through the power switch; n is directly connected to the "zero wire" (the wire without electricity is detected with a pen).

      2. + V is connected to the red line of the light bar, - V (COM) is connected to the red black line or black line of the light bar; if the reverse light is not on, it will not be damaged.

      III. wiring method of DC power supply:

      There are two ways to connect DC power supply: one is in series, the other is in parallel. In addition, it is suggested that the length of series connection shall not exceed 3M. If it exceeds 3M, please wire from the DC power terminal from the beginning, otherwise, the front light and the back side are not bright enough.

      IV. preliminary operation:

      1. Please try the power supply and each light bar first to confirm that they are not damaged during transportation;

      2. Calculate the power of the power supply and confirm how many meters of light bars are connected to one power supply. Calculation method: the power per meter of lamp strip x length of lamp strip ÷ 0.8, the calculation method of series connection and parallel connection is the same;

      3. Confirm the wiring scheme to ensure the shortest connecting wire and the simplest wiring;

      4. Start the device and stick the aluminum groove to the inside of the arrival table. Care should be taken during the installation to prevent the light bar wire from being pulled off.

      V. selection of device orientation

      LED line lamps have normal heat dissipation function. However, if they are in a place with heavy dust, it is easy to cause dust to cover their radiator and affect the normal heat dissipation of LED hard strip lamps. In addition, there should be no water vapor, oil smoke and other substances in the orientation of the device. Because there are tiny gaps in the lamp body, these media are easy to enter, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the lamp strip, if not It is suggested to take protective measures.

      Vi. common problems and solutions:

      1. If the light is not on, please check whether the circuit is connected, whether the contact is poor, and whether the positive and negative poles of the light bar are connected reversely.

      2. The brightness of the light bar is significantly low. Please check whether the rated power of the power supply is less than the power of the light bar, or the connecting wire is too thin, resulting in excessive power consumption of the connecting wire.

      3. The front of the light bar is significantly brighter than the back. Please check whether the series length exceeds 3M.

      From the data preparation of device requirements, some tests before the device, power wiring problems during the device and some common problems in the process of the device, this paper makes a comprehensive summary, and combines with some LED line lamp device diagrams, we will not be troubled by the LED line lamp device problems.

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